Patients finding relief at medication management clinic in Mesa, Ariz.

When you’re diagnosed with a medical condition, medication is one solution to getting better.

But what if you have to take multiple medications?

A Mesa, Ariz., hospital is giving patients a unique service to help them manage all the pills — minus the headache.

“I can call her anytime, night or day, and leave that message and I’m notified almost immediately,” Patricia Wyzard said.

Wyzard is talking about Tisha Smith at Banner Baywood Medical Center.

“You feel like you’re not coming to a doctor’s office or a clinic, you’re coming to a family member and you’re comfortable,” Wyzard said.

Wyzard meets with Smith on a regular basis.

Smith is a clinical pharmacist in the hospital’s medication management clinic.

It’s a place where patients who suffer blood problems, diabetes or heart failure get one-on-one interaction when it comes to managing their medications and understanding the possible risks and interactions.

“We develop a rapport that you can’t get at a retail-type pharmacist,” Smith said. “You get to know those patients on an individual level.

“You know their families, their children, their dogs and it just wants to make you help them that much more,” Smith continued.

A physician referral is needed to come to the outpatient clinic.

“We want to make sure that patients are living healthy lifestyles, that we’re basically making sure that they’re not going back in the hospital, making sure they’re taking medications appropriately and the right way,” said Lisette Breto, interim senior pharmacy manager at the hospital’s medication management clinic.

“They feel this is a safe environment that they will get the right information they need because were able to look at all their medications they’re on and we’re the experts on that,” Breto continued.

This is exactly how Wyzard feels.

She manages nine different medications so adding in anything new is always run by Smith.

“We want to know about all medications, not just prescription medications, everything you’re taking over the counter — herbal, vitamins, anything — we want to know about all of that,” Smith said.

“It’s important because I could really put myself in danger without realizing it,” Wyzard said.

But it’s also about having the time to answer questions that Wyzard really likes about the clinic.

“It’s nice because you come in if you want to discuss something that’s not normal,” Wyzard said.

“She doesn’t rush you in and out.”

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