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A local woman’s labor of love helps others get healthy

Be Fit Kitchen

An Arizona woman’s labor of love in the kitchen not only helped her lose weight, but it’s also helping others get on the healthy track. One of those people is a Phoenix beauty queen who turned to Be Fit Kitchen to get ready for Miss Arizona USA 2014. “Well this is the first experience. I had seen something online where ...

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Beauty could be a factor in nose bacteria


Most of us at some point have watched the movie “The Beauty and the Beast,” but how about beauty and bacteria? New findings, published in the American Journal of Human Biology, suggest there’s a link between a man’s weight and the amount of bacteria that’s in his nose. Researchers found heavier men harbor more potential harmful bacteria in their nose ...

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Commonly used disinfectants do not kill HPV

In safe hands

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is estimated to be among the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It is also linked to cervical cancers. Now, new findings show commonly used disinfectants in health care settings don’t kill HPV making non-sexual transmission of the virus possible. This discovery has created a need for hospital policy changes, according to researchers from Penn State College ...

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Vaccines may reduce risk of stroke in children


Routine vaccines may do more than protect children from common infections. Vaccines may also guard their heart from stroke, according to preliminary findings presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2014. If you’re wondering what’s the connection. Common infections have been linked with a significantly higher chance of stroke in children. “The protective association of routine vaccination against ...

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Wanted: Valentine’s Day vacation


Many men struggle each year trying to find that perfect gift to give their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Well, stop guessing and spring for a romantic getaway! The second annual pleasure index study by revealed 94 percent of Americans would give up prized possessions for a full week to gain just one more vacation day. “The Expedia Pleasure Index ...

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New doubts on value of mammograms

Breast Cancer Screening

There is new fuel to the ongoing mammogram debate that is once again causing confusion. A new 25 year study of nearly 90,000 women suggests mammograms don’t change breast cancer death rates and can lead to over diagnosis. “Twenty-two per cent of women with screen-detected invasive breast cancer got treatment that they really didn’t need,” said study author Dr. Cornelia ...

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Changes to Type 2 diabetes guidelines could lead to miss diagnoses in children


The number of Type 2 diabetes cases is growing along with the waistlines of Americans. However, a University of Michigan study found new American Diabetes Association (ADA) screening guidelines may lead to the missed diagnoses of type 2 diabetes in children. “This potential for increased uptake of HbA1c could lead to missed cases pre-diabetes and diabetes in children, and increased ...

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New imaging technique can diagnose common heart condition

Heart with heartbeat

Researchers make a first in diagnosing and predicting complications with a common congenital heart abnormality. A new imaging technique for measuring blood flow in the heart and vessels can diagnose bicuspid aortic valve. “Blood flow in patients with bicuspid aortic valves was significantly different compared to that in patients with normal valves,” said senior author Michael Markl, associate professor of ...

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Artificial preservatives removed from KRAFT Singles


More Americans are reading food labels as they strive to eat healthier, more natural foods. This trend has put added scrutiny on the types of ingredients companies add to their food products. “We know families today want convenient foods that have no artificial preservatives and a simpler, more recognizable ingredient list, and Kraft is working to deliver more of these ...

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CDC: West Nile virus has cost Americans $778 million


New findings by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show costs of the West Nile virus have been greatly underestimated. “We believe that previous costs associated with West Nile virus disease have been underestimated because they’ve predominantly focused on the costs of the initial illness,” said lead author J. Erin Staples, MD, PhD, a medical epidemiologist at ...

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